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Basil Cress

Flavour: genuine basil
Use: salads, tomato / mozzarella
Culture: socially responsible culture with biological crop protection
Availability: Year round
Shelf Life: Up to 7 days at 12-16°C

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Taste and usage 
Basil Cress is a bold, fresh cress with flavours of basil and mild notes of clove. Because the leaves are young, the cress can be used whole. The flavour of Basil Cress really comes through in combination with veal, lamb, or chicken. It's also the perfect addition to salads, vegetables, or in vegetable dishes. A special quality of Basil Cress is the fact that it can be heated without losing its cress flavour.

The herb basil is used in cuisines all around the world. But most people associate basil with Italian cuisine and other Mediterranean cuisines. Not everyone knows that basil is also frequently used in Indonesian and Thai cuisine. In India, basil is a sacred herb, and it is used in offerings to the gods.

Availability and storage
Basil Cress is available year round and can easily be stored for up to seven days at a temperature of 12-16°C. Never store Basil Cress in the refrigerator as it hates temperatures below 8°C. Produced in a socially responsible culture, Basil Cress meets the hygienic kitchen standards. The product is ready to use, since it is grown clean and hygienically. Basil Cress is, as all the Koppert Cress cresses and specialties, produced according to the SQF 2000 guidelines.