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Since July 1st 2002 Koppert Trading is taken over by the former managing director Rob Baan. The company continues under the name Koppert Cress.

Together with his great partners, Theo Cuppen and Altai Lin, he is able to refocus the company and combine the know-how from seed-technology, foreign tastes and the ever inspiring Chinese drive of growth and creating. Now in 2010, the company is making a major new step on growth. The company has since 2002 made a fivefold growth. The company becomes too small and logistics are going to be a bottle neck. In the coming months we will publish the design of the Koppert Cress ready for 2020.

In 1993 and 2001 the company received the first ever prestigious AGF innovation award. The award is rewarded every 2 years. This was the right stimulant to continue with further developments. The company grew further and further and is now one of the leading companies in the world. To maintain a sharp cost price, through the years, heavily investments in automation and modernisation took place.

We are constantly improving, develop new products and improve the lay-out of our packaging.

The company is based in Monster,. Monster is in the centre of the ‘Westland’, the greenhouse region of the Netherlands. The company employs more than 260 people who are all committed to quality and development.

Our products are sold to the Dutch traders and wholesalers. They order the products daily, which we deliver within 3 hours at the loading docks of our customers.

The traders and wholesalers sell our products all over the world to importers and wholesalers in any country. These importers and wholesalers are based at the different fresh markets all around the globe. The customers of our customer-customers are mainly chefs, restaurants, caterers, hotels and food services.

The end user, the chef or caterer wants to have a year-round supply of fresh, good looking, tasty and top-quality products. This in order to create his master dish.

We would like to challenge the chefs not only to use our product as decoration, but also as a flavouring ingredient. You will be surprised how many tastes there is in such small micro vegetable.

Where to find our products?
Every day we supply Dutch export companies, which are supplying the German, Austrian and Swiss market. This makes the Koppert Cress assortment available for every customer who wants to order these products on a daily basis.

As we focus on the Gastronomic and Catering industry, we find it important that our products are available from the Wholesalers and Fresh Products companies who specialize in supplying these customers.

Starting at one box, all items from our collection can be ordered from your supplier, every day and most of them all year round. 
We find it important to personally get in touch with you and therefore we invite you to visit us at the coming Gastronomic Shows, e.g. ChefSache -  Köln (sept. 2011), Alles für den Gast - Salzburg and IGEHO - Basel (november 2011).

In addition, we offer Sampling and Cress workshops for your employees and customers.