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Queen Maxima enjoys the scent of fresh flowers on a visit to Koppert Cress

8 March 2017

Resplendent in a figure-hugging brown dress, Queen Maxima of The Netherlands was treated to a lesson in edible plants on a royal visit on Tuesday. The Queen was on a visit to horticultural company Koppert Cress in Monster, Netherlands. The company specialises in a variety of edible plants and flowers that are used by national and international chefs, restaurants and hotels.

Koppert Cress is winner of the Koning Willem I Award for sustainable entrepreneurship. The royal was in high spirits as she toured the company, admiring a variety of plants, flowers and specialist dishes made using them. Maxima met esteemed chefs who talked her through their dishes and she got the chance to taste and smell a variety of plants.

Source: Daily Mail

Photo:  ANP