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Cardamom Leaves Cocktail / Infusion

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Cardamom Leaves Cocktail / Infusion

Take some Cardamom Leaves, crushing them lightly. Place them inside your bottle alongside the vodka or gin. Seal it tight, and place it in a dark place for seven days for infusion. You may remove the leaves after this period, or even increase the amount if you wish a stronger flavour!

Serving tip
Cardamom Leaves Gin: Serve the gin pure and ice cold, in a cocktail glass with tonic.
Cardamom Leaves Gin Cocktail: mixed with a soft drink selection, but with the added taste!

Cardamom Leaves Vodka: Serve the pure vodka with ice in a tumbler.
Cardamom Leaves Vodka Cocktail with orange juice/ginger ale/or juice/soft drink of your choice!