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Fresh Salmon Rolls with Gambas in Kaidafa Pastry

Cress used

Fresh Salmon Rolls with Gambas in Kaidafa Pastry

Fresh Salmon Salad
Soak rice paper in water until it changes color. Cut all the ingredients into julienne. Season with salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Take all ingredients and wrap into the roll with the rice paper. Cut in half and sear on pan. 

Gambas with Thin Taiwan Somen Noodles or Kadaif Pastry
Dip the cooked gambas into egg wash. Roll into the flour with chopped Sakura Cress® and seasoning. Dip again in the eggs and roll into the somen noodles. Fry at 180ºC in vegetable oil.

For the Garlic Sauce
Make a basic mayonnaise based on one egg yolk and add some garlic pulp to it. Season to taste and dilute with a little bit of water.

Assemble half a salmon roll with Sakura Cress® and a gamba with some noodles. Serve with garlic sauce and Sakura Cress®.

Recipe - Franck Pontais